Monday, July 27, 2015

two simple birthday parties

Miss C turned 11 last week and we celebrated her birthday
 with some of her friends, 
she chose to have a Minion light inspired party.
 I say light because just a few things were minions related.

She made her own invitation from yellow cardstock and denim inspired paper, 
stamping her initial on the blue band, a sophisticated take on the minion uniform.

We baked some cupcakes (much easier to serve than actual cake), 
yellow cake of course (from the box, my family’s favorite,
 I don’t get it but it is not my bday!), 
with homemade chocolate frosting, and purchased minions eyes and mouth,
 the wrappers were also minions.

It was a much simpler party that some of her previous ones, 
(which are probably simpler than many fancy people do)
like the Safari Party when I sewed goodybags


Like last year, her party took place at our neighborhood pool, which means no cleaning 
before the parties, and easy post party clean up.
Most of the kids were nice and picked up after themselves.

Last year for her 10th birthday, Miss C. was inspired by the “teen beach movie”, 
a truly beautiful, fancy party.

Of course we did not go all the way like in the inspiration, 
we baked some surf board inspired cookies that Miss C. decorated herself, and some cupcakes.
 I added some kid friendly snacks and drinks. 
A few decorative accents were included to go with the color scheme
 of aqua, orange and lime.
 Miss C. also crafted simple invitation with the same color,
 keeping it low cost and fun. 
All the kids had a good time, played in the water and ate all the treats,
 success all over!

Happy birthday, Miss C.!


  1. Very nice! These themes are really cute. I agree the minion theme was probably the easiest of the ones mentioned. :)

  2. it totally was, more time to enjoy the pool!
    The kids do not seem to see much difference between weeks of prep or just a few hours!


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