Wednesday, July 12, 2017

our trip to Provence

I am back from a wonderful vacation in Provence,
in the South of France.
Mon Cheri and I had been talking about it for years,
pretty much ever since we got married!
We do travel to France every few years,
but it is usually to visit family in Brittany, like in 2013.

Brick Master at the Pont du Gard.

Well this year, we took the plunge and traveled all the way to Provence:
flying to Paris, taking the train to Avignon (the old papal palace city),
renting a car and driving to the region of Nimes to our rental house in a little village.
We spent 2 weeks there discovering the region, all of its good food
and great weather.

Here is a picture of the house we rented!

Next week I will share what we visited and what I brought back....
Now, I am back at work, trying to overcome jet-lag.

Happy Bastille day!


  1. Welcome home! It looks like you and your family had an incredible time! What a dream vacation! I am so glad that you finally got to go. I wish with all my heart that one day I will get the chance to go too. For now I am stuck home with +40C in the desert. LOL! :) <3

    1. Thank you Ginnie, it is nice to be home! It was perfect, and as weird as it seems, everything went well, from the flights, to the train to the various rentals....I hope you get to go too someday! Wow it is really hot in your desert, not that DC is cool! Keep dreaming of lavender, river and cool drinks. Hope you have a great summer!

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