Thursday, July 27, 2017

two shopping bags for the Provence market

When we were getting ready for our trip, 
I decided to sew some bags to take with us,
for all of our potential shopping expeditions!

(modeled in Uzes, by our favorite fountain, in an old traditional print)

I took advantage of my large collection of Provence fabric brought back by my mom,
over many years, as seen here , it is much larger now!

This one is made from a more modern fabric with lavender and polka dot.
I followed this tutorial from Sew 4 Home
a pretty fast and easy pattern, it uses a fairly large piece of fabric
because of handles, but the bottom piece is cut between them,
so there is no waste.

Miss C. could not stop eating her ice cream....

It is fully line in another lavender fabric, pretty inside and out.

A few years ago, I made some grocery store bags from Provence fabric:

that was in 2011!

While we were in Provence, I went to the store where my mom bought me all these fabrics
over the years, and I felt right at home at Tissus Provencaux a Aigues Mortes,
 I knew almost all of them!
I still manage to buy these 2 prints:

Both are fairly traditional,
 the turquoise one has a traditional "mouche", but the color is unexpected.
The bottom one with the flowers seems to be a reproduction of the "indiennes",
fabric imported from India in the 16-19th century.

If you are interested in the traditional fabric from Provence,
Souleiado is a perfect place to see and read about it,
their fabric and clothes are beautiful and expensive,
but their history is very interesting,
you can check it out here.

Happy sewing!


  1. Very nice! And perfect for your locale.

    1. thank you! they were but now at home, they look a little sad...;)

  2. Those bags are so pretty! I love the fabrics that you purchased! So beautiful!

    ginnie /

    1. Thank you Ginnie, I still do not know what I will be making, I just could not resist!

  3. Reading your blog makes me miss of all you so much! I still use the beautiful bag you sent me every week.

    1. Hi Martha, we miss you guys too! It has been so long...glad to know you still enjoy them...I lost mine! ;o


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