Monday, July 31, 2017

other treasure from provence

Last time I wrote about strolling through the streets of Uzes,
well it is not the only locations to find cool stuff,
it is basically everywhere.

More upnorth, almost in the Cevennes (mountains),
there are some very famous potteries,
famous enough to have been in Versailles a few centuries ago.

It is the vase d'anduze:

picture from the website.

So I wanted to bring back a few of those, 
just like the ones from Uzes....
but once again, it does not fit in a small suitcase,
so my mom found me a mini one!

So cute right?!

It is from the same factory and has all the colors.
And now there is some thyme growing in it,
no olive tree for this little pot!

Of course there is lavender.
I did not purchase any as my mom grows her own in Brittany,
and it was still too early for this harvest.
But you can find some in many places.

And finally there are horses!
Beautiful white/beige horses, smaller than the ones
we see here. They are Camargue horses.
Guess who wanted to bring one home?

The little girl whose hair matches the horse's mane, of course!

No surprise here, Miss C. did not get a horse,
or did she?

In les Baux de Provence, she found a beautiful white stuffed horse,
and he came home with us, his name: Camargue, bien sur!

And this concludes our trip to Provence,
I hope to go again, hopefully we will not wait another 20 years!

Happy day!


  1. Those vases are so gorgeous! I love your mini one too! :) I'm so glad that you got to go!

    ginnie /

    1. Thanks Ginnie! It is fun to look at that little vases and remember these cool vacations!


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