Thursday, July 20, 2017

strolling through Uzes, my favorite Provence village

Last time we talked about Provence, we spent time with the Romans,
nothing like a good epic peplum to cool down on a hot afternoon.

But now, let's put on our sun hat on, 
and go stroll down the streets of my favorite little town: Uzes.

Here are a few rules/guidelines for this adventure,
but it applies to any villages/towns in the region:

1- find a place to park, most of these little places are not car friendly,

2- expect to get lost because you are looking everywhere,

3-you are going to want to live there or buy everything you see,

4-eat the local ice cream by the fountain, there is always one in each village!

case in point, at the place aux herbes in Uzes.

This little town is beautiful, with a castle,

little streets,

little shops,

and neat places to hang out.

We visited 3 or 4 times, it might seems like a lot,
but on the first time, it was almost overwhelming,
and as we revisited the place, I liked it more and more.

It is a touristic location but it felt like people really lived there,
even on Saturday morning, the infamous market day:

le jour du marche.

It gets a little busy, and everything smells: lavender, olive,
 goat cheese (a favorite), saucisson sec, herbs....

You are probably thinking, this is all well
but what can you bring back from this place,
besides memories and a taste for fancy ice cream?

Well, many things if a sealand container is in your future!
At least that how I felt.
 Alas for me, it was just a corner (or 2) of a suitcase,
so I had to keep it small...
So instead of purchasing the large beautiful pots d'Uzes:

pictures from the website,

I only got a small one:

which is actually perfect.

Also  I was very tempted to totally redo all the house linen
in this store : Sud Etoffe.

So many beautiful linen, bedding and curtains,
the prices are quite reasonable.

But once again, reason took over....
 just a few kitchen towels
and a small tablecloth came home with me.

It was so hard to choose!

The part where I resisted the least was the french basket,
sold everywhere (store and marche)
very typical, even if it is not made in France.
I remember having one in high school/college but without the leather handles,
this one is more pleasant to use!
And quite useful to go to the market, or to the beach...

with a fouta from Sud Etoffe and some espadrilles (from the local grocery store),
and they were made in France!

So yes I brought back some little pieces of our sunny vacations!
And a few more things...until next time.

Happy day!


  1. Gorgeous! Thank you for sharing your trip. Love the linens.

  2. Oh wow! Absolutely gorgeous! I love the linens and all of the beautiful pots. What a truly amazing trip! Thank you for sharing! :)

    ginnie /

    1. Hi Ginnie, it was a wonderful trip. I hope we can go again someday....until then I have a few pretty pots to admire;)!


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