Tuesday, April 20, 2010

summer dress with flamingos

You read it correctly....


I took Miss C. to the heirloom store
for some help with my baby dress
(almost finshed!!)
and she saw the flamingo fabric
and we had to have it!!
I guess that will teach me to take her with me!

It is a beautiful pique and I have just the pattern for it.
Last year (or maybe the year before) I made her
a cute summer dress using "Callie"
from the children's corner.
It had been a favorite.

I had made it out of pique and Liberty.

While it still fits her in the chest,
it is now way too short!

It was never long but now....
it looks more like a top!
So I will be sending it to my friend who
has two younger daughters.

So I made the next size up,
added 1 1/2 inch to the bottom.

It is almost finshed,
just need some buttons.

And if you have read a few of my postings,
you might be familiar with my dislike for buttons,
actually it is the button hole that I do not like!
I know my machine make them
but they are never to my liking.
So I was thinking of using snaps,
like I did for the previous one.
One question remains:
which one to choose?
what do you think: right or left
or buttons?

Please let me know what you think!

Happy sewing!

Come check out




it's a party!

PS here are some other action shots


  1. I'm definitely not a seamstress, but I think it would be so cute if you added some length to the straps and made it into a knot dress - no buttons at all. Like this - http://www.etsy.com/listing/45180032/new-stella-knot-dress-size-12mo-18mo-2t?ref=sr_gallery_9&ga_search_query=knot+dress&ga_search_type=handmade&ga_page=3&includes%5B0%5D=tags&includes%5B1%5D=title

  2. I think we all dread stitching those buttonholes, regardless of the our machine or years of sewing! Have you tried using a little bit of tear away stabilizer behind your buttonhole when you stitch? That always seems to help me. If I just press the buttonhole stitch on my machine, it takes off like a jet! If I lower the speed or use the foot pedal, the slower stitching seems to help.
    If using snaps helps you move on to another project, I like the one on the left. Or, let your daughter choose, since she did such a great job on selecting fabric! Callie is a wonderful pattern, and your version is precious!

  3. LOVE the dress!
    I am scared of buttonholes as well... my machine has 15 different options or something, and I use them only if I absolutely must. :)
    We have a Friday Fun Finds party (on Fridays, of course)... If you're interested, we'd love it if you'd link up this week!

  4. Wow, what a darling dress! I love the pink and green together! Love the trampoline picture too. My kids are 12-20 and they still have fun jumping on it!

  5. Hi Morgane (love your name!!!),
    What a pretty dress!! And, that trampoline looks like too much fun! :)

  6. Cute dress! I love the colors.

    Saw your link on Tea Rose Home.

  7. elle est super mignonne, cette robe!
    j'aime bien la 1ère proposition d'allonger les bretelles et d'y faire des noeuds. c en fait ma solution de paresseuse ;-) bonne journée!

  8. Love the dress! I like the snap on the left better.

    I finally learned how to do buttonholes this past week- taking a sewing class. I still like the look of snaps, maybe because I'm used to them since I was always scared of buttons!

  9. It is so cute! And the older one would look great with jeans or leggings. I host a Thursday party especially for all things made to wear. If you want, stop by and link up sometime!

  10. These are simply fabulous! flamingo fabric. Would love to have you stop by the Sunday Showcase Party if you get a chance ~ Hope you are enjoying your weekend! You did an amazing job on these - such talent!

  11. Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing at the Sunday Showcase Party! I greatly appreciate it! I just adore the flamingo print! Great job! Hope you have a great week! ~ Stephanie Lynn


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