Thursday, April 29, 2010


Remember a few days ago,
I was whining telling you
about not making stuff for my son!

Well, I went to Ikea and I found this cool fabric

The bottom part has the cool gozilla...
perfect for decoration!

So I cut the panel,
saving the girl part for my daughter (much later!)

We just redid our kitchen (more on that later)
and with the packaging of the cabinets,
there were some particle boards
that we did not need.
Long and straight, and free!
So may be not ideal
but I made a frame out of them.

The craftmanship on this project is poor!
My dad would be so ashamed,
he taught me well....
I just cut corners!
Yep I used glue and staples!

It is still pretty sturdy,
and with the canvas stretch on it,
it is not going anywhere!

I think it turned out quite nice
and more importantly
Lego brick master likes it!

I am once again a cool mom!

I also bought some complementary fabric
to redo his curtains.
So as soon as I am done with these,
I will post a picture of all of them together!

Happy crafting!

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  1. Stopping by from Santa's Gift Shoppe linky party to say hi. I think you did a great job making a frame, very frugel. Any little boy would be tickled to have something so cute for their room.
    Can't wait to see what you do with the upper half of the fabric.

  2. Well how creative is that! I know he loves it. Anyway I'm your new follower from Santa's blog hop and I'm hoping you'll visit my blog and follow me too? I love your blog. Thanks!

  3. Ok, that's cool. I came over to answer your pocket screw question and was looking at all your posts. I'll go back and share my thoughts on each post but I've been so impressed that I just keep going on and on to the next post. When I got to this one I had to stop because here you go. This project would be a good application of pocket screws. I've never used them on particle board but have on MDF. You might have to experiment with different thread sizes. On MDF, I use a coarse threaded screw. I'm not sure if that would work on particle board too. It might chip out more. But I use pocket screws whenever I don't want a visible nail or screw. I use them to build and attach face frames (for cabinets) and for my frame that you saw. Sorry this was so long.


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