Thursday, January 31, 2013

slow progress in the kitchen

 I am still working on the kitchen,
painting slowly and painfully.
At least now the top is finished
and we even started putting stuff on the open shelves!

It is my grandmother's old silverware,
that I received after her passing fall 2011.
It is good to mix old pieces from France
and modern accent.

It is motivating me to keep working on this project,
I also managed to paint one little section on the bottom:

I am very limited on work space:
I paint on the dinning room table, so I paint just a few doors
and drawers at a time!

But I am loving what I see so far,
it is really coming together!

Now I need some nice weather to do some sanding outside,
I guess it will not be this week end,
we are supposed to get more snow!

Happy day!


  1. Hi! I love your updates you have done on your kitchen. I am going to put open 'cabinets' above mine like you did. looks so gorgeous. did you put trim on the inside of your cabinets along the top side and back seam? Does that make sense. The white painted cabinets look like their is trim in there (like a 1x2?) it looks good. Thanks!

  2. thank you Brilliant Chaos!
    yes we added some 1x2 in the back, you can see it more on this post:
    there were little gaps between the ceiling and the walls, it was built that way to make it easier to install. with the 1x2 painted white like the rest, it is pretty discret...we have done these improvements over 3 years ago, and I am still really happy with the results!
    Hope it goes as plan with yours!


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