Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Building another crate with my new toys

For Christmas and my B.day, I received a table saw, a compressor and a nail gun!
I am a lucky girl, I guess mon Cheri (and in laws) knows me well,
why bother with jewelry when you can give power tool?
(for the record, I also received some jewelry... 
but that is not what we are talking about today!)

Now I needed something to build to be able to play with my new toys,
bust since we do not have a garage, it is hard to use the table saw outside
in freezing temperature or warm rain!
So I decided on a project that would only use the compressor 
and nail gun (which would have been super useful while 
working on the kitchen!)

I made this crate to hold the puppy's toys
following this tutorial from Ana White.
I am growing tired of the many toys always under foot,
I also hope it will cut down on the amount of thieving she does.
May be she can steal stuff from her own crate instead of random things through the house!

One can always dream!

Happy Day!

link to The Shabby Creek Cottage
Sew Chatty

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