Monday, January 21, 2013

bedding for Kaya, the Christmas doll

Miss C. received Kaya for Christmas,
so I am working on making her feel welcome in our abode.
She has already a pair of plain moccasins,
Now she needs a cozy place to sleep.
Since we are not planning on purchasing many accessories,
Brick master and I worked on making her 
some bedding ourselves.

We took our inspiration from the AG bedding and set out to copy it.
We started with a place mat from World Market, the Asian section,
it seems close to the mat you can see in the picture.
Then Brick Master drew a pattern for the "animal skin"
to keep warm for the night.
We cut one from some fake fur (remnants from previous projects)
leaving the edges raw, fake fur does not ravel.
Since it does not cover the doll all the way,
we cut another one more rectangular shape out of a different fur.
With another scrap of ivory fake fur, I sewed a soft pillow.
While our bedding does not totally match AG's,
the cost is minimal, just $4 for the place mat.
Hopefully Kaya and Miss C. will enjoy it.

Another great addition is a fire,
after all the nights are really cold,
I followed this tutorial from Doll It Up.

Miss C. tried to sew a little stuffed animal for Kaya,
she used the deer pattern from BHG (the holiday edition)
but it was too hard, so I finished for her.
She did all the cutting and some of the sewing,
and while not perfect she and Nevada (Kaya's new name) are pleased with the result!

Happy sewing, well today may be just crafting!

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