Friday, July 5, 2019

the farm quilt: finished top?

Here is my pieced top for the farm quilt:

and I love it!
So pretty, happy and fresh...

Last time it was just a bunch of blocks:

hanging on my small design wall in my sewing room.

While it is pretty much perfect (ish!),
I thought it could use one more touch;
my niece's name:

Since I have another book from Lori Holt:"Spelling Bee",
I used her pattern and quickly spelled her name,
using the same print that are in the quilt.

Now I just need to sew some more background fabric,
and the top would be really done!

And then the real hard work really begins:
quilting it!
It is not too big so it should fit nicely in my machine,
but still it is my least favorite part of making a quilt.

And finally I will add all the legs and eyes, and details
to all my creatures.

Happy sewing!

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