Friday, July 19, 2019

a sweet peach parfait with homemade granola

It is the perfect time of the year
to go on the weekend to the orchard to get some peaches,
and like in previous years,
we purchased too many!
Well a half bushel is about 20 lbs,
so that is quite a few peaches!

A great and "healthy" way to eat the peaches
(besides neat of course!)
is to make some peach parfait with homemade granola.

It is delicious!

To make my granola, I use only oat (2cups),
 canola oil (1/4 cup) and honey (1/4 cup).
I mix the 2 liquids together
and then coat the oat with it,
it looks like it will not work out,
but it does!

then I bake it at 350F for 20 min until golden,
it has happened many times to go much darker
as I forgot about it, it is just as delicious.
As soon as it is done, I transferred it still hot
onto parchment paper,
otherwise it sticks to the pan.

It keeps for at least a week in a dry container,
if it lasts that long!
I cut a lot of peaches and stir them with some lemon juice
and a little sugar. I let them stand for 20 min,
and took some of them to make a little compote,
fancy work for just cooking them for 10 minutes,
reducing the amount of juice.

I cooled the peach compote in the fridge for a few hours.

Finally I assembled my parfait:
compote on the bottom,
yogurt on the top 
(I like greek yogurt, unsweeten)
and whatever level of granola you need!

It is best to wait until last moment,
so that the granola remains crunchy.
I made so many that I used some small canning jars (from IKEA)
to keep them on hands for snacks for the kids,
they did not last very long...
they were eaten so fast that I need to make more granola!

Since I had so many peaches already cut, I also made a peach crumble
with some flour, brown sugar and butter:

That was quite tasty too!
Here are some peach recipes from previous years:

peach crumble with oats:

peach cobbler:

peach pie:

Of all of them are quite good,
but for an easy afternoon snack,
nothing beat cutting a peach in small pieces, adding some yogurt
and sprinkling some granola
and enjoy the taste of summer!

Happy day!

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