Friday, February 7, 2020

a small design board for my sewing room

As I keep working on tying up my sewing room,
I made a little design wall for my quilting project:

It is small, just 2 feet x 2 feet,
but so much easier than trying to hang the blocks
by the rope like I used to do:

(for the farm quilt)

I kept the top rope to display some embroideries.

My little design board is just a piece of insulation:
the pink stuff from the HomeDepot,
sold at that size, it fits in every car!
I just covered it all in some quilting batting,

secure it with some packing tape,

making neat corner,
and just nailed on the wall at the 4 corners,
not even in the studs as it doesn't weigh much,

Now I have the perfect place to choose fabrics
for my next project:

Here I am deciding on some kitchen fabrics
and I still hope to have time to sew a little something
for Valentine's day!

Happy sewing!

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