Saturday, February 29, 2020

Early Spring trip to Lucketts

Spring still feels like it is far away,
but I am so ready for some more sunshine
and warmer weather.
I recently visited one of my favorite places:
the design house at Lucketts.

All the green, white, black and woodtone felt so "springy",

and fresh.

But the house was still in winter mode in the bedrooms

with warm textile and layers.

An unexpected part of this visit, as I have been here a few times,
was the South West vibes in a couple places:

Having spent a decade there, I always have a soft spot for some South West details,
nature and National Parks like the Arches poster!

There were also some great potteries that I had a hard time resisting,
but Miss C. is making so many great ceramics in art,
I did not want to create some competition!

Overall, it was a great show house,
and I am even more eager for Spring!

Happy Day!

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