Sunday, February 2, 2020

10 year blog anniversary, a new name and some cheese sticks!

It is officially the 10th year anniversary
of this little blog of mine!

It is hard to believe I have been posting for 10 years,
lots of things have changed since the beginning,
especially in my daily live
(move, full time work, kids growing...)
but the content remains fairly similar
just with a lot less doll content!
Afterall Miss C. is almost 16,
Brick Master is away at college....
So I am renaming my blog after me,
instead of them!

Welcome to "Chez Morgane",
which translates to "at Morgane's"!

And let's start it off with a great easy recipe:
cheese sticks:

While it looks quite fancy,
it is easy to make, and delicious.

you will need:
-some puff pastry 
(can be homemade, but I usually buy mine frozen,
and let it thaw overnight in the fridge)
-some cheese
I like to mix a few, like swiss, emmentaler and parmesan
-1 egg
-salt, pepper, cayenne pepper, herbes de provence
(it is up to you for the seasoning!)
First we need to make the egg wash with 1 egg and a tablespoon of water,
I always filtered it through a sieve so that it is clear.
On the opened puff pastry, brush the egg wash all over the surface,
spray the different kind of cheeses,
add the salt, peppers and herbs 

then grab your roller and smooth all of that into the dough...

then flip the dough to the other side,
and repeat the same process:
egg wash, cheese, seasoning and rolling.

And finally cut the cheesy dough in long strips
with a pizza cutter (easier than a knife)
trying to keep them of similar width....

twist the dough and put these strips onto a cookie sheet
with a non stick mat.
I always run out of space so I cut the rest of the dough
in half to put them on a half cookie sheet.

they are just as good just shorter, 
they are actually the ones I used on the first pic...

Bake at 375 for 15-20 min until golden:

Eat warm if possible,
it is even better!

Happy anniversary!


  1. Hi Morgane, Congratulations on the 10 year blog-anniversary! Time flies, isn't it. Love the new name and those big pretty pictures and hey, those cheese sticks look pretty yummy too. :)

    1. Thank you Cristina! Time is going by so fast for sure...still having fun with this little blog, and enjoying the inspiration brought by other fun bloggers like you!


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