Friday, January 24, 2020

an ironing storage shelf

Just like everybody,
in the beginning of the year,
I felt the need to clean and organize
but only my sewing room.

And it started with a simple project:
an ironing storage shelf

So much better than just leaning against the wall,
behind the door, it always seemed to slide
and close the door making it hard to enter...

and simplified it for my need:
1 large board (found in the basement!)
2 large white hooks (sold at HD by the piece)
and another piece of wood for the shelf (1 x 6)

While it is quite straightforward, I managed to put the hooks the wrong way the first time!
But it was easily fixed and after adding some putty and painting,
it is almost invisible...

To install it I used some cleats that I purchased at the HD,
perfect to hold heavy things,

and keeping it pretty flush with the wall.

Of course, the real moment of truth is when
everything is on it!
It works great,
and looks so much better...

Happy crafting!


  1. I also decided to hung my ironing board a few years ago, with a spot to also hold the iron. It looks so much better and helps a lot!!

    1. I wish I had thought about it least it is done now!


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