Wednesday, January 15, 2020

some play food with a mini grocery bag

I sewed a little grocery bag and some play food for my niece,
toddler E as she was visiting me (with her family)
over Christmas break.

I previously made a very similar grocery bag (here),
but this time I used some Five & Dime fabric from the Fabric Mutt,
just like I did for this lunch box.

Inside I put a delicious sandwich:
bread, lettuce, cheese, tomato and ham

I made some many of them when my kids were little,
it was nice to revisit that sandwich (previously here).

And a breakfast set:
pancakes with syrup, egg, bacon and a tea bag

I also made these many times before,
the original references can be found below:
pancakes, eggs and bacon (here)
tea bag (here).

Of course the best part is seeing a little girl's reaction:
She likes them!

Happy sewing!

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