Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Dance outfit

This week end was my daughter's dance recital.
It is her 3rd one,
so she is an old pro!

She loves to get flowers from her brother at the end.
During the show, she just smiled at him, having a grand time.

Some official pictures were taken,
I will post them when we get them!

Last year I made an ballet outfit
for the doll.

Of course it matched better
with the costumes from the previous years!
So I have been told I need to make a new one!!
Little girls and their demands!

I used this pattern
Simplicty 4364.

So I am working on a white and aqua doll costume,
using the same pattern.
I will keep you posted!
Here are some pictures of the previous shows!
Yep she is growing!

Happy sewing and dancing!

Show and Tell Green


  1. wow! what a pretty ballerina!

  2. Awwwwww, so heartbreakingly adorable. Her third recital? Good for her. And the costume you made for her was good for you too. Smiles. I can't believe you can really make the same rufflely dress for a tiny doll. Wow.


  3. thank you.
    I did not make my daughter dance outfit, just the doll!
    and the aqua dance costume will be inspired by the real one....
    her dance school is huge, at the recital there must have fifty 5-6 year olds running around in that costume!


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