Wednesday, May 19, 2010

doll outfits

Today while I was reading
blogs after blogs
(instead of grading mys students'exams...)
I found this web site
for 6 "retired" American dolls.

Here is the web site description:
"I would like to thank fellow collectors for their time and energy putting together the wonderful patterns. Years ago American Girl Provided patterns for many of the historical characters. Those patterns included the Pajama's and usually two other items along with accessory pieces. The patterns were pretty basic but not always as easy to follow like newer patterns available for dolls from sewing stores. However, they were fun to look through and could provide your doll with some of those pieces to her wardrobe that American Girl no longer carries. Clicking on any of the images will take you to your dolls direct downloadable pattern in a Zip file PDF. Understand that each download may take quite a bit of time depending on your transfer speeds. Each files size is noted."

The girls are:
Josefina (1824, Northern NM)
Andy (1864, Civil War)
Samantha (1904, NYC)
Felicity (1774, Williamsburg)
Kirsten (1854, frontier)
Molly (1944, WWII)

I downloaded the patterns and they seems pretty good.
A lot of details!

Do you remember the dress I made for my daughter?
I had a lot of fabric left,
so I made some short pants for her doll:

I used this pattern,
Simplicity 2761.
It is mostly aprons but the pattern for the pants
is nice and fast.
I just shorten them.

My Maman made the sweater for the doll,
and it matches perfectly the flamingos!
So I had to make a little top!

It is just a piece of fabric, stitched in half with an
elastic for the top and a ribbon, around her neck.
She is ready for some spring adventures!

Happy sewing!

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  1. What a cute outfit! Between your Mama's sweater and the pants and top you made - she's making a very fashionable statement. Smile.


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