Thursday, June 24, 2010

Home for sale

Yesterday we put our house for sale.

For the past few weeks, I have been decluttering
and cleaning the house,
not a great way to enjoy summer!

And shame of it all,
I had to remove my sewing room!
Here in its previous glory.
Apparently it is not a selling feature!

I know, totally shocking!
And neither is a play room instead of a dining room....
some peole have not priority!

 So now we officially have an office,
nice but not as useful!

and a dining room,
we are quite grown-ups!

We transfered everything to the basement,
it is getting a little crowded down there,
but overall, not bad.
And since I just finished installing all that storage,
it would be perfect if we had bigger, real windows!

I am still working on making it to my liking,
so more pictures coming up soon,
after all I have a cool table to go my fancy cabinets!

Happy cleaning day!

Happy crafting day!

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  1. it must be sad to leave such a beautiful home, but I guess you are moving forward and were lucky enough to enjoy it for several years. I love all the remodeling you made not really what was suggested to sell it, but I guess if it helps..


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