Wednesday, April 27, 2011

craft room make-over

It happened,
I could not take it anymore,
I had to do it:
make over my sewing/crafting space!

I thought I would wait until things
settle down around here,
but working in that ugly dirty cold blue space
was bringing me down!

So I repainted,
it took me a while to decide on a color,
the room is small (9 feet by 12 feet),
with on large window on the north side
and hard wood floor (a little tired).
At first I looked at some nice green,
then some lavender,
but not of them "spoke" to me.
I want to use some fabric from Provence
to decorate the room,
(still not buying fabric!)

In the end I went with a nice warm
light peach wall color
(Behr pale coral)
it seems perfect with the fabrics
I chose to use.

I reused most of the "furniture" from my previous
sewing room  and craft room in the big house in the Midwest.
Most of the pieces come from Target
and are not the most beautiful thing,
but with the new paint color,
they kind of blend in, instead of stand out,
a definitive plus!

The armoire still needs to be refinished,
all the moves have been pretty hard on it,
but since we do not have a garage,
there is not real place to work on it,
so it will have to wait some more!

I was able to trade the IKEA book case with my son:
he gained 2 black ones that could not fit in our bedroom!
(smaller houses are so difficult!)
I like the storage,
perfect for taller books (over 11 inches)
and for storing some cute fabrics.

(see all my Liberty of London fabrics?)

I kept the laminate top
and all the bookcases as the base
for my huge work table,
it is perfect to cut large pieces of fabric,
to sew/quilt and for the kids to craft with me!
One chair on each side makes it perfect for double crafting.

The big chair is for Miss C., and the little one for me,
both are high chairs since the counter top is about 3 feet tall,
perfect for working standing up!

I have also special guests:
the girls!

There are just not enough place in Miss C.'s room
to keep them safe (and that bed is huge!)
so they keep me company in the entry way!

Now I need to decorate this place,
and make a valence using  the lavender fabric!

Happy sewing!


  1. I love the new space! The wall color is very pretty.
    I especially like the big and small chairs. Perfect!


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