Wednesday, June 6, 2012

doll pet bed

Since we have a new puppy,
it felt quite normal than the dolls have also a new puppy!
Which means dog bed!

Weirdly enough, we had none before,
which sounds impossible considering Miss C. love of dogs!

I purchased this pattern from Liberty Jane Patterns.
I made the bed using 3 different fat quarters,
from the "outfoxed" collection in the sly fox palette.
I made my own binding, I think this one is a little too wide,
I cut it at 2 1/4, I will try smaller next time.
The top cushion ended up being too thick and fluffy so
I stitched through all the layers in 5 places (like tufting )
and it seemed to have fix the problem.

The verdict: the daughter loves it, the dolls are content,
and the puppies, well they are fighting over who will sleep on it!

I see more pet beds in my future!

Happy sewing!

I Heart Nap Time


  1. This is so darn cute! Love the pictures... and love that fabric line, darn they make the cutest dolly dog beds! And the icing on the cake was you talking about the dogs 'fighting' over sleep in the bed. Awesome!

  2. Doll pet bed and toy is always pretty to me. I like to collect and play with them due to its my childhood hobby though I appreciate these for my kid too. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Now that dolly doggie bed is just adorable. Our kids would have loved something like this for the softies when they were little.

  4. That is really cute - I found you on Sew many ways! I am in love with this fabric!

  5. that is so cute!! I am going to have to make one

  6. Just cannot take my my eyes off, so adorable!


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