Wednesday, June 13, 2012

little tea embroidery

With the heat, the puppy, the end of the school year,
and my son's 5th grade promotion,
I have been very busy and not too productive....
So I embroidered a little project,
just for me to decorate my sewing room.

The pattern is from Wild Olive.
I really enjoyed the pattern, so fun and cute.

This is my 3rd time embroidering one of Wild Olive's patterns,
previously I did the cupcake needle book and the goldfish bag.
All of them are great, I think next I will try her nutcracker sweets Christmas ballet pattern.

Happy sewing!

PS no post would be complete without a puppy picture!
She is growing...

1 comment:

  1. Hi Morgane. Your tea cup is adorable. I remember seeing your cupcake in person. That was wonderful too. Congrats on 5th grade promotion.

    Rene' (part-time Wednesday quilt group)


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