Tuesday, May 21, 2013

another pillow

I realized after making the LOVE pillow
how much fun it can be to sew patchwork
without following any kind of pattern.
So I tried something different,
well at least to me.
I started with a stack of fabric I wanted to work with,
and a cute embroidery.

(I followed this pattern)

I used the horse at my starting point, 
and just added squares and strips of fabric,
without any pattern, following my whim.
When I reached a large square,
I used some thin batting and quilted it without backing,
alternating lines and flowers.
( I used the same quilting flowers on Miss C.'s quilt.)

I stitched another large square on the top and
a rectangle at the bottom of the quilted square.
I folded over twice the edges to have them neat.
Then I sewed the sides together,
turned it right side out,
and stuffed the large pillow in.

Now Miss C. has two new beautiful pillows,
with a mix of purple, turquoise and aqua,
which only means Miss C. is growing
and has a new favorite color!

I see a lot more work in my future to update her room!

Happy sewing!

1 comment:

  1. Love your little horse embroidery!!!
    I too love AG dolls and quilting/sewing!!!



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