Saturday, March 29, 2014

cute doll garland

My niece K (formerly known as Baby K) is turning 3.
I always sew something for her birthday and this year is no exception:
I made her a doll garland for her birthday.

For her 1st birthday I made her a soft doll fabric book,
for her 2nd birthday I made a baby doll diaper bag with all the necessities.

As she is now a "big girl", it was fun to sew something doll related but different.

I followed this tutorial from Charla Anne,
and I was also inspired by this doll garland by Girls inspired.

I chose to use 5 different skin colors felt for my dolls.
They also wear 5 different dresses, but the fabrics all come the same collection
and have the same pinks. They have the same eyes and lip colors, I skipped the cheeks.
I added lace, buttons, ric-rac, apron and applique to embellish the dresses.
I think it turned out really cute,
I hope K enjoys them as much as I did.

Miss C. was with me when I was making them and was inspired to make one for one of her girlfriends.
She did her own embroidery for the face,
I only stitched the hands, feet and head as the pieces are really small.
She sewed the rest on her own machine
(yes she received her first real sewing machine for Christmas)

It turned out really cute and her friend was very pleased!

Happy sewing!

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