Tuesday, March 20, 2012

fabric book, part2

Here is the second part of the fabric book
I made for my niece's first Bday.

I really liked the idea of dress-up dolls that Girl. Inspired used in her book.
So I did my own version with these dolls!

The fabric is from American Jane (snippets), I purchased it many years ago,
keeping it for a special occasion,
well it was fun to use some of it!
I just fused the dolls and zigzagged around them.

I cut a few simple clothes, interfaced them so they would be easy to play with.
I made a simple envelope to store the clothes, with a Velcro opening.
I covered the top of the felt envelope with some fabric,
I hope it will make it sturdier for the little hands!

Since the dolls might be hard to play with for a while,
after all my niece is only 1,
I went with some conventional play book tricks:

I machine embroidered Peter Rabbit on linen,
appliqued it to the page, 
and added some fabric to cover it.

I made a velvet bunny from this pattern from Revoluzzza ,
the face is made of felt with hand embroidery details. 

It looks quite plain on this photo,
but the texture is great, perfect for little hands exploration!

I machine embroidered a happy face (same design than Miss C.'s jacket)
on denim and made a pocket out of it.
The white bunny is also machine embroidered, in the hoop technique,
I got the pattern a few years ago from Swak Embroidery,
but it seems they are not there anymore.

Apparently the bunny is Baby K's favorite part
of the book!

Happy Birthday, Baby K!

Happy sewing!

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  1. Cute! Great idea to have some pages for now and some for when she gets a little older.

  2. SO cute! I love both of these little books. How precious that the bunny is her favorite part.

  3. Oh, Morgane, this turned out so beautiful. I love the thoughtful touches for a little one. Thank you for sharing!!


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