Monday, March 12, 2012

doll brownie troop

Today it is the 100th anniversary of the Girl scouts.
My daughter is a brownie, she was a Daisy when we lived in Ohio,
and just loved it.
After we moved, I asked her what activities she would like to do:
art, dance, gymnastic, karate...
The only think she wanted was to be a girl scout again,
so I made it happen,
and when I say I, I mean it, I am the co-leader of her troop,
there was no troop at her school.
While I am still new at this and it is still a work in progress,
she got exactly what she wanted: many girlfriends and fun activities.

 I thought it would be great fun to make her dolls
some brownie outfits so that she could have her own brownie troop!
Which meant 3 dolls: 3 outfits!
I went for a simple skirt and vest.

The skirt is a wrap around skirt made of brown twill, lined with quilting cotton
(it is reversible), the pattern is from You Can Make This, it is free and easy,
just basic sewing, the skirt can also fit some stuffed animals!

The vest is also made of the same brown twill,
I made up the pattern, based on her actual vest.
I will share latter the pattern and how I made the vests.
It is here.

I still need to find some small American flags for the vest,
but overall Miss C. enjoys her troop!

Happy Anniversary Girl Scouts,
and happy sewing!


  1. You can find a package of mini flags
    in the applique section at a craft store. Sorry, I can't remember where I got mine. Your vest pattern looks really great!

  2. Way to go! Both with the doll outfits and making your daughter's wishes of being a girl scout again come true.

  3. Thanks-was a GS & a Brownie-love these! I'm posting this on my FB page-hope you get more followers.

  4. Oh my gosh!
    How cute are these uniforms!!
    I am so excited to find these, as I have a niece who loves the AG dolls and is a girl scout also.
    She would love this and I need to make it for her.
    Thanks so much!


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