Wednesday, January 13, 2016

giant macaron

While macarons might be going out of style,
we still are big fans here.
We have baked macarons,
I have sewed a macaron,
and now Miss C. has crafted a macaron,
and not a little one but a giant one!

She started with cereals boxes
(everybody's favorite source of thin cardboard, that and of course soda boxes...)
like she did for her mad hatter hat,
and like Brick Master did for his conquistador helmet,
the kids are just a crafty bunch....!

Then with tape, scraps of paper and glue,
she shaped it all into a macaron.
She painted it as a mint chocolate chip treat,
I have never tried that flavor,
but it sounds really good.
As final touches, she added a mint leaf,
and her initial, everything is better monogrammed!

I really enjoyed her creativity,
on a small scale, it would have been fun,
but on a large scale, it is quite powerful,
I guess it is art now!

Happy crafting!

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