Wednesday, February 3, 2016

cheese pancakes

Yesterday we celebrated la Chandeleur (candlemas here), also known as Crepe day.
I usually make a lot of crepe, using our family recipe.
But lately work has been very busy, especially after missing some days because of the snowzilla,
so I cheated a little and made cheese pancakes instead.

it is actually very tasty, a little like galette, both are made from buckwheat.
I started with the pancake mix, but changed the ingredient needed:
2/3 cup mix
1 egg
t tsp olive oil
3/4 cup milk
salt, pepper, herbes de Provence
and of course cheese.
I like to use Swiss with a little bit of blue cheese.
I shredded the Swiss, and crumbled some blue in the finish dough,
then I cooked them on the pan like regular pancakes.

The shapes are a lot more organic than traditional pancakes....
Enjoy them warm with some hard cider,
perfect for a quick dinner!

It would be also perfect for Mardi Gras, next Tuesday!

Happy day!

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