Sunday, March 13, 2016

phone case for the beach

Another little sewing project I made for our trip to Hawaii 
was a water resistant pouch for my phone.

I do not use my phone too often,
but I did not want it wet during our adventures.
Just like for the swimsuit bag, I used the "travel label" fabric
 from Tim Holtz and vinyl.
I was inspired by this post from Polkadot Chair
but mostly followed this tutorial from Little Bug stitches.

I added an extra layer of vinyl inside,
so that the phone is between two pieces of vinyl,
it worked out well.
Happy sewing!

We had a great time in Oahu, not just hanging out at the beach,
but also spending an entire day at Pearl Harbor Memorial.
It was very interesting, the kids and I learned quite a bit.
Brick Master is taking the AP US history class/test,
so it was perfect for him, if only the school could see it that way!
We need to re-watch the Pearl Harbor movie
(even if it is not totally accurate)
now that we have visited the navy base....


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