beginning of a quilt: calendar kids

most of my project lately have been small and fast:
heart pillows for Valentine's day,

So it was time to start a larger project,
a big quilt with lots of appliques.
It is based on a pattern I purchased many years ago:

I simplified it and shrank it,
as it was too large and too busy for my tastes.

The first 3 blocks are for fall,
with back to school and a big yellow bus for September,

with a stack of pumpkins for October,

and finally a cute turkey for November.

The pattern came with a panel of fabric with "paper" dolls and their outfits.
So I just ironed wonder under on the back of the fabric,
cut out the dolls, dressed them up and fused them to the background.
The accessories to the scene (bus, pumpkins, turkey) are not part of the fabric
and must be home/handmade but follow the same principle.

I had previously used the dolls to make a fabric book for Baby K.

It is fun to use it again for this quilt.
Next time: winter!

Happy sewing!



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