Monday, April 4, 2016

spring trip to Lucketts

Last week end, my girlfriends and I went to Lucketts
to visit the design house.
The store itself is opened everyday,
but the design house is only open about once a month,
and it is my favorite part to check out.

Last time I went was for the Holiday Open house
(can read about here!)
it was Christmas all the way, over the top and wonderful.

This time it was spring,
and the prefect place to enjoy with friends.

Of course I took some pics to share with you:

feminine and elegant dinning room.

great storage/display industrial cabinet, love the blues.

interesting shelves and lanterns (quite a theme throughout the house)

The rooms in the house are painted quite often,
so it is not a surprise to see rooms looking very different one time to the next,
but this was a big change:
wood on the wall!

Well, it turned out to be wallpaper!
It looked so real that I touched it to make sure, even after reading it...

There were a few more examples of this new kind of wallpaper,

like the oxidized zinc looking one in the fireplace,

and the brick wall in this bedroom.

It is like contact paper with adhesive on the back and no need of water 
like traditional wallpaper (I grew up in the land of wallpaper!)
It is pricey, about $120 for a roll (11 yards)

Another view of the wood wall,
posed horizontally

behind this cool bar area.

Another thing that we saw throughout the house was vinyl rug,
like the strip one above.
They were every tempting, but I resisted!

And finally some beautiful table setting

in green and brown,

and green and blue/turquoise.

Astroturf as rug or place mat?

Happy day!

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