Tuesday, April 26, 2016

calendar kids quilt: the summer season

Now that we have the first three seasons (Fall, Winter and Spring)
and buildings, the last thing remaining is Summer:

For June, our boy doll enjoys a hot dog on his picnic.

For July, I went a little rogue and made the doll hold a French flag,
it is supposed to be an American flag,
but it is really hard to make it accurate...
and I am French after all!

For August, it is shopping time for back to school outfits!
It is one of my favorite block.

Now that the top is completed, I need to quilt it all,
which might take a while, 
all the ironed on dolls and clothes need to be stitched down,
and all the details need to be added....

Happy sewing!


  1. Where do you get all of the cute dolls and dresses? Do you create them all by hand? They are so adorable! I can't wait to see the entire quilt! Happy sewing! :)

    ginnie / fakingitmostly.com

  2. Thank you Ginnie! The dolls come from a printed fabric, they are like paper dolls, just wearing undergarment, the clothes are also printed, so I get to decide who wear what, lots of fun!


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