Tuesday, April 19, 2016

calendar kids quilt: houses and school

I have been having a lot of fun sewing and gluing
the scenes of Fall, Winter and Spring of this new calendar kids quilt.
But to really make those seasons shine,
it was interesting to add some houses and of course a school,
we all know how important it is in the life of children (and dolls!)

The houses are sewed as traditional patchwork blocks,
simple rectangles, squares and triangles.

To make them more fun, I fussy cut a print for the window
so a child would be seen playing inside the house.

The houses are all the same, facing one way or another,
have more or less grass, and more or less sky.

The school is larger, I used the same print for the windows
that children would be seen "working" at school,
OK may be preschool with those blocks!

It is still a simple structure to sew, with an applique bell,
a quaint school!

Next Summer, finally!

Happy sewing!

Fresh Poppy Design


  1. Hi! I just came over from Tea Time with Melody Q and I have to say that that is the most adorable quilt that I have ever seen! I just love that you can see the children playing in the windows! I wish that I had even half the patience that you have for quilting! :) Any little would immediately claim this darling quilt as a favourite. <3

    ginnie / fakingitmostly.com

  2. thank you so much Ginnie!
    these are the kind of details that make quilting so much fun.
    I do miss playing with dolls, but fabric paper dolls can be a good substitution!

  3. Well how adorable. I love these blocks, and how you fussy cut the kids :)

  4. Thank you Danice, I could not leave the houses empty!


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