Thursday, April 7, 2016

outdoor dining {One Room Challenge} week one

Over the last couple years, I have seen more and more bloggers
taking part of the one room challenge on Calling It Home.

This time I decided to participate!
It should be interesting to see if I can make it happen.
6 weeks sounds like a tight schedule for me
(I am more of 6 month timeline, that's how long it took me to redo our kitchen!)

Anyway I want to work on our outdoor eating area.
And here is what I am dreaming of: perfect al fresco dining!

We are a long way.
here is my starting point:

The patio itself has evolved a lot since we moved here.
I started by adding trellis to the back of the shed to camouflage the wall.

A few years later, we tore down our partially rotten deck,
and we had a stone patio installed.
Finally last year, I built a couch out of the deck wood.

All of these projects have made the area more pleasant but
it did not address our outdoor eating area.
We have a shaky table with uncomfortable chairs,
it is a little bland and the old deck left a lot of scars in the yard.

My plan is for a new table and chairs (some built, some purchased),
adding some soil and growing some grass,
planting some flowers,
and adding some lighting.

1-Table from RH ,2-chairs from Costco, 3-Lighting from Bright July, 4-Lanterns from Her Tool Belt,

I can tell it is going to be challenging,
snow is coming back this week end!


  1. Looks like you've already done a lot to get your space renovated. The stone patio is beautiful. I signed up to do our backyard and am so worried about the weather, too. We're in Maryland, and will be getting snow as well. Isn't it frustrating! I'll definitely be following along to see your transformation. Can't wait!

  2. Love the progress you've made so far! I'm doing my patio space as well, nothing better than relaxing and dining outside! Can't wait to see how it transforms!

    Michaela @ The Lodge on Haydon

  3. Hi Leslie, thank you for your kind comment!
    the weather is scary looking right now, hopefully the snow won't stay! there is just so much to do before the mosquitoes arrive....
    Good luck with your deck transformation.
    I think we have the same table! But I am with your husband, and ours is going!

  4. Hi Michaela, I am so looking forward to the dining/relaxing outside....I just have the feeling it is going to take a while!
    I love all of your inspiration pictures, not doable for the East coast, but so dreamy!


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