Thursday, April 28, 2016

outdoor dining {One Room Challenge} week four

It seems like a recurrent theme,
but man, time flies by and not much stuff gets down on the week end!
This week end was especially true as it rained a good part of Saturday,
and I went to watch Brick Master (my high schooler) participate
in the greater DC regional robotic competition.
He and his team won 2nd place and are going to the international
event this summer, which means I am going to Florida too!
Alright, back to the actual part you came to check out:
progress on the One Room Challenge.

We have a table (with a still loose top),
we have chairs and
we have a bench,
now I feel like we are getting somewhere!

I protected the bench, after some much needed sanding,
with some teak oil, it is waterproofing and give it a nice color and patina.
It is the same thing I used on the couch.

I built this bench for 2 reasons:
1-to have extra seating at the table and
2- to use it a coffee table for the couch area.
It will be prefect place to put drinks and feet!
Mon Cheri installed the new outdoor light,
and it is perfect, so much prettier than the previous one.

I also started painting the lower panels on the house,
it might not be permanent as the house might get repainted in the next couple of years.
But it should look more polished and clean.
The new chairs are quite comfortable,
but the bench is well.... a bench,
so it feels like it needs some softening.
I am going to make some little flat cushions,
I have to sew something!
So far here is the color scheme:

as it is relatively close to the "seating room" of the patio,
I would like the color to go well together.
I have this really cute lavender print  
(brought back from Provence by my Mom),

Of course there are still quite a few things that I need to work on:
like adding some string lights,
oh and finishing that table top,
and a few other things!

The week end is just a few days away...

I will leave you with this cool pic of Brick Master in his glory:

3rd place seeding, 3rd place double elimination, 2nd place overall.
(the power of a good presentation!)


  1. Congrats Brick Master! :) Also your outdoor dining space is shaping up to be lovely! I have an outdoor space that needs some major work, but I'm from Canada, and up here the weather still can't decide if it is winter or spring. We had snow for three days straight this past week!! LOL! Anyway, I just love that lavender patterned fabric! It is so pretty! :)

    ginnie /

    1. thank you, Brick Master is quite pleased! I hear you about the weather, it was almost 80 yesterday and now it is cold and rainy, probably all the way until next week....far from ideal to work outside! Good luck with the snow, hopefully it is the last one...think summer and lavender fields!

  2. Congratulations to your son! Florida in the summer will be fun but hot! The light is great and that table is amazing!

    1. thank you. I am little wary of the Florida summer, but as most parents, I will take it for him! I hope you be able to enjoy the new area soon, well as soon as the rain lets me work!


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