Sunday, May 1, 2016

sweet little present for Mother's day

Are you still looking for a cute sewing project for Mother's day?
It is not fast but it is such a fun project.
Most of time is spent finding all the cute fabrics for the cover!
I actually made this cute booklet for my mom for her birthday,
it was lost for a couple weeks in Chicago but eventually made it.
(the mail from DC to France goes through Chicago....!)
I used a lot of prints from Ayumi of Pink Penguin (you can see her entire collection here)
It is only my second time using these prints,
I previously made some gift card holder.
But this time I fuzzy cut many prints to get all these sweet pictures:
strawberries, sugar cube, tea pot, blueberries, apple pie, all the good stuff!
I followed this tutorial from Fabric Mutt,
it is pretty easy, the pocket is slightly challenging because it is small,
but it adds to the cuteness factor.

I kept some of the outside sweetness inside with the cherry print
and some more print from Ayumi collection.
I also used this coquelicots (poppy)/butterfly print, 
it has cool wording and great image.
Below the pocket, there are large read poppy,
very pretty.
I added a homemade booklet (from scrapbooking paper)
with more butterflies on the cover.
Happy sewing!


  1. Aww, this is so adorable! I love all of the fabric prints from the Pink Penguin! Your mom must be just tickled pink to receive such a lovely gift! :)

    ginnie /

  2. thank you! I wish I had made an extra one just for me! Note to self, must keep some of the cute stuff I make...


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