Saturday, October 13, 2018

a dog in a sweater pillow and a little fall decor

I finally started decorating the house for fall,
it had been so warm until now,
I was not in the mood.

So for us, it is just a big mum, a couple of pumpkins, a horse blanket
 (you cannot take this French girl out of the Southwest, even in DC!)

and this sweet little dog pillow!

When I saw the pattern from Elizabeth Hartman: dogs in sweaters,
I could not resist, it totally reminded me of our new puppy Bosco,
even he is not really a Wiener dog.
He has similar traits like his face and longer body,
but regular size legs.

Does one really need an excuse to sew a cute pillow?
I sewed this patchwork (no paper piecing on this one) in linen, Liberty of London
and solid cotton.
Mixing weights of the fabric is probably responsible for the puckering on the face,
but it kinds of reminds me of Bosco's face, so it is all good!

Don't they look good together?

After seeing that, Miss C. suggested I made him a sweater,
but I figure he is not that kind of dog,
he is more formal than that
so now he wears a bowtie!
(it does not seem to bother him at all)

After more internet search, I think he might be a Redbone Coonhound,
or something like that as he is on the smaller size for that breed.
Rescue dogs are always interesting to figure out!

Happy sewing!

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