Friday, February 22, 2019

tea bag carrier

I sewed the perfect present for tea lovers on the go:
a little pouch that carries 3 tea bags,
so one could have a cup of tea anytime!

I love having a cup tea at the end of day
 (which is why I made a tea cosy last year)

The pattern is from "Patchwork, Please" of Ayumi (aka Pink Penguin),
I have made so many things from this book,

It is an easy project, that requires just a little bit of fabrics, a small piece of  ribbon
and a button. Instead of interfacing, I used some ironed-on fleece.
I also made 3/4 inch longer, it seems to fit my tea bags better,
maybe it depends on the brand of tea bags!

Of course I could not stop at one little carrier,
I had to make a few more:

It uses so little fabric, it is fun to play with a mix of print and solids,
and of course a little linen!

I made a special one for my sister, in linen and Liberty of London!

so cute and springy!

We still have a lot of snow on the grounds,
so a little warmth from a cup of tea is just what is needed!

Happy sewing!

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