Saturday, May 16, 2020

refinishing the outdoor couch

So far this month, I have been updated a few things in the house,
using left over paint and fabric
with more or less success, hello quarantine!

This couch update keeps with the trend!
And is definitively a success...

Looks good, right?!

following Ana White's plan, just a little smaller to work with my cushions.

It held up very nicely as it is always outside,
but suffered a little from too much green...

not that it was too visible when the cushions were on,
but I only put them on when we use them,
so it mostly looked like this (I had already removed the back):

Much less pleasing!

One reason we always remove the cushions (beside the rain!)
is the squirrels make holes in them the steal the stuffing!

They also use the couch as an eating place!!!

So I spent a lot of time sanding, and sanding some more,
I stained the couch blue:

I also sanded the bench I made in 2016,
I still need to refinish it but I would like to keep it light,
so it will have to wait.

I guess my sister is right, I am going through my blue phase!
It looks so much nicer when it is "naked",
and great with the pillows.

Bosco agrees!

Happy day!


  1. It looks great with the pillows either naked or blue...

    1. thank you! The pillows are a must for a comfortable afternoon!


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