Tuesday, April 3, 2012

a doll hutch: cupcake display

Last year, I build this hutch for Miss C.'s dolls.
I used this tutorial from Kristi at Pieces for Reese.

It turned out OK, not perfect (I am much better with fabric than wood!)
But since I only scraps of pine, MDF and bead board,
it was basically a free project.

(my starting pile)

Miss C. has been enjoying it a lot,
it is perfect to play and store all the kitchen supplies,
some are from AG, some from Target, and others
 from various locations as I was been looking for accessories that are the right size.

One of our latest fine: the egg box.

Originally it had egg shaped chewing gums,

 I replaced them with
"real eggs" from Michaels.

And I replaced the paper top with this sign,
I retraced the gum sign on white paper
and stamped the words, one letter at  a time.

It sits now perfectly on the shelves,
with all the other foods,
including erasers and polymer clay croissant.

Happy crafting!


  1. This turned out REALLY cute!!! I love your attention to detail! We have the same Target baking set, and I LITERALLY did the exact same thing with "eggs"...gum and all! Fun! Good eye finding all of the perfectly scaled items. I'm SO GLAD that you were able to build this hutch... :) Kristi @ http://piecesforreese.blogspot.com

  2. Do you have the measurements you used for the hutch? I would like to make something like this for my daughters and their dolls.

  3. I made this too!! From the same tutorial as you too! I actually made a set of three bakery shelves. I didn't put backs on mine, but I have to say, now that I see yours I might. I have some pretty beadboard in my wood pile. :)
    Here's the link on my blog:



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