Saturday, April 7, 2012

more bunnies

Earlier, I showed you a bunny,
the bunny I made for Miss C.,
with ivory chenille ears and tails,
flowers and turquoise bow.
Beautiful and very girly,
well I took the same pattern from Gingercake
and I made a smaller version for Birck Master.

For this bunny, I used some fancy linen and regular linen,
giving it a more masculine vibe.
The bow fabric is Kona, matching perfectly with the dot of the linen.
The size is about 65% of the original.

And since I was having a lot of fun making bunnies,
I made one more for Baby K,
in a more traditional girly fabric.

And here are the 2 smaller bunnies together:

I hope the kids enjoy their bunnies,
as much as I had fun making them!

Happy sewing!

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  1. Love them all! They look so happy together. Maggie xx


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