Thursday, February 9, 2017

the softest swearshirt ever, perfect for my tween

While it feels like we will never get any snow
(channeling my inner child!)
we have had quite a few chilly days.

So I sewed a warm sweat shirt for Miss C.
She likes them large and fluffy, with a hood
and a large kangaroo pocket

And so she got just that.

I had brought back the fabric from France last fall,
it is like a two sided fabric: soft cotton jersey
and fluffy minky .

I think that fabric was mostly designed for babies as it was mostly pastel color,
but this warm grey was perfect for my young lady.
For the pattern I combined 2 patterns from Ottobre,
old edition of the magazine, but sweat shirts are pretty classic in design.

Instead of doing any kind of binding, I turned the sleeves and the pocket inside out
to add a cool design, and fluffiness!

Once I was ready to work on it, it was a resonnable project:
one afternoon of transferring the pattern and cutting the fabric,
another afternoon of sewing.
At the end, a happy child!

I miss sewing for her,
but no more little dresses or cute shorts...

1. dress, 2. shorts, 3. shorts, 4. tunic, 5. dress, 6. dress.

but sweat-shirts are good!

Happy sewing!

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