Friday, May 27, 2011

more shorts, part II

I am continuing on my short collection,
well Miss C.'s,
I am pretty sure nobody is interested in mine!

This time I used some lime green cotton
and pink seersucker.

The green is felt over from my sister's lingerie bag.
I just love shopping my stash!
It is the same weight than the pink one that I used for the bermuda.
I used the same pattern again for the short.

The top was made from this older pattern,
easy but a little too wide and short!
If I make it again, I will add a couple inches at the bottom,
there is no need for belly action!

It does have a cute little detail at the neck line,
and it feels very breezy!

I added some pockets to the shorts using Dana's
tutorial, hers are for 4T, but they fit just right
on these size 6 shorts.

The fabric is horizontal on the pocket,
opposite to the way of the top,
I thought it would be fun,
now I am not so sure!

I have found a nice way to attach the elastic to the waist band,
without adding thickness where the elastic has to be sewn to itself.
I have read about it a while ago (probably heirloom sewing magazine)
and love using it.
I sew one side of the elastic to a small piece of fabric,
then the other side of the elastic to the same fabric
without overlapping the elastic,
the fabric reattaches the 2 sides,
it almost disappears, and there is no bump int the back.

Miss C. has been quite happy
to wear all new clothes this week!
And they have been tested in the heat,
almost 90 everyday!

Tomorrow will be my last version,
and it is the cutest!

Happy sewing!

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