the good, the bad and the ugly!

No I am talking about a movie,
(one of my favorites!)
but about life.

In 2 weeks, the kids and I will take a long trip
to France, we are so excited!
It has been almost 4 years since
we visited last,
4 years without seeing Grandmothers,
uncle, aunt, cousins and friends,
and 3 years without seeing my parents,
a really long time!
(we do talk on the phone 2-3 times a week)

(St Malo and my favorite beach)

So where are the bad and the ugly?
Well because of the ugly part,
my parents will not travel to Provence
and bring back fabric,
I know I have a hard life,
I need to keep laughing at little things!

The really ugly part is my grandmother's health,
last year I wrote about her 40+ years fight with cancer,
well the winter has been really hard, she just spent 2 weeks
at the hospital, and found out that her cancer has now
spread to her kidney, lungs and back bone.
Her doctors have just given her weeks to live,
 I know they are doing their best to keep her comfortable
and I know she is fighting to stay here and see me one more time.
This is just not the way she wanted to see the kids and me,
she had been working hard on her garden
so that Miss C. would steal all her strawberries,
so that we would spend some silly time together....

I just hope now that we can make it on time.

To keep me from thinking too much,
(and crying)
I am sewing, it seems to ease the sadness,
after all my grandmother was a country seamstress.


  1. sorry to hear about your grandma, I'm sure the trip might be much sadder just because of it, but at least you'll get to see her and enjoy the lovely grown strawberries. Big kiss and call if you feel like it any time.

  2. ok, the previous was from me you spanish friend, Rosa

  3. J'espere que ta douce Grand Mere est bien soignee, eutouree de sa famille et que tu auras la chance de la voir. Je n'ai pas eu cette chance. Ma mamie est partie il y a un an aujourd'hui. Cet ete je vais enfin pouvoir lui dire au-revoir. Pour ce qui est du tissu Provencal, je vais a Marseille et La Ciotat au moi d'aout et je vais surement en acheter pour moi donc si ca te fait plaisir je peux t'en ramener aussi.

    Je t'embrasse.


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