strawberry shortcakes

For the last few weeks,
I made a couple tartes aux fraises,
they were delicious.

When I got to eat out
I always check out dessert first,
just so that I know if I should get just an appetizer,
it is so terrible to not have space for dessert!
I am a "huge" believer of
"life is uncertain, eat dessert first".

At this time of the year, it is strawberry everything,
which is wonderful.
Since we are on a tight budget,
we have not being eating out in months.
So time to learn a new dessert:
Strawberry short cake.

Somehow I always ordered and
I never tried to make one at home,
a total American dessert!

I got my red and white cook book : Better Homes and Gardens
and just followed the recipe.

I was surprised by how easy it was to make shortcakes.
I made my own whipped cream with
1 cup of heavy cream
3 tbsp of powder sugar
and 1tsp of vanilla
It is really bad for one's self
but it is delicious!

For the strawberry sauce,
I pured 1 cup of strawberries,
 added 3 tbsp of sugar, and stirred it until mixed.
Then I added 3 cup of cut strawberries,
let it marinated for 30 minutes in the fridge.

The hardest part:
putting all together without
leaking the cream or stealing other people strawberries!

Oh yes it was good,
better make some more,
perfect timing I went to Costco
and got so many strawberries!



  1. Miam .. euh c'est mon anniversaire demain, tu peux m'en faire un ?? j/k

  2. I cant believe how much Miss C is growing up! I hopw ya'll are doing well. Miss you!


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