Saturday, May 28, 2011

shorts, part III, the end!

Tiered of shorts yet?
Well this is the last ensemble,
then we are done!

For this one, I did not use my stash,
I purchased fabric!
I know, it is bad but it was kind of an accident!
Brick Master needed a gi for his karate test,
he is really into it,
I understand, I have practiced Judo, Karate,
Aikido, Kick Boxing, and self defense,
(not that I am good at any of them,
but I can fake it for a few seconds!)
Anyway next to the Karate store,
there was a .... quilt store!
I had not been in one in months,
and I had not purchased fabric since December.
The inevitable happened,
and I came home with some cute fabric!

Here is what I made:

you might recognize the fabric,
it is "sherbet pips" from Moda,
it is so soft, enough to make clothes!

For the top, I used this pattern

and just changed the length to a top instead of a dress.
Quite cute and easy to sew.

The shorts are from the same pattern than the other shorts.

I always put a button on the front of the shorts/pants to indicate the front,
I dislike labels, I always find them itchy,
my kids feel the same way,
so it can be hard to figure out which way to put on clothes,
but it is easy to remember button on the belly button!

It will be a great outfit for hot summer days!

Happy sewing!

make it wear it


  1. This is my favorite one! I want onr for my little girl too. :)

  2. How sweet is that! I love that pattern and have used it several times. So simple and is really versatile. Thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend!

  3. This came out so sweet. You've done an amazing job making so many things without buying any fabric for so long that I think you can allow yourself a slip or two.


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