Monday, July 1, 2019

a simple teenager bathroom makeover, part one

This bathroom makeover started with Miss C.
mentioning that the medicine cabinet mirror was not the best 
and that she would like a new one.

Pretty right?

We found the perfect mirror at target and I was just planning 
on hanging it up and calling it good.
Well it turned out to be another one of those stories:
 "if you give a mouse a cookie..."
One thing leaded into another quite rapidly!

I removed the ugly and dated medicine cabinet
and found the wall needed patching, a lot.
And then I saw how rusted the old light fixture was,
and how most of the bathroom looked tired!
We had not done anything to it since we moved in 8 years ago
besides shower curtains and sink faucet.

So I removed everything: mirror, light, towel hangers....
and started patching all of the walls!
Because this was just supposed to be a minor change,
we tried to keep everything on a tight budget.

Miss C. shares the bathroom with Brick Master for a few more months
(he will go away to college in the fall,
can you believe I am the mother of a high school graduate?!)
so it has to appeal to both of them,
but mostly to her as he does not really care.
Luckily for him, she likes it simple and black!

Once the walls were patched up,
Mon Cheri installed a new light fixture from HD
and I painted it all a nice gray,
the same gray I used for our bathroom during the ORC Master suite.
With the new mirror, light and paint,
it looked already updated.

Miss C. is really into cactus so she chose a shower curtain
with that theme and put some on the ledge of the mirror
(she has a small collection of fake and real ones, perfect for the bathroom!)

For the towel holders, we decided to not buy traditional ones 
as I did not find ones that I really liked (unless they were very expensive)
So instead I purchased a coat hanger with 3 hooks from HD,
unscrewed them and mounted them on 2 different pieces of wood
to make 2 towel hangers.

We could have stopped there as she was quite pleased
with the outcome, but I suggested I would do a couple more things....
that I will share next time!

Happy Day!

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