Monday, December 13, 2010

sewing and snowed it

From reading the news,
I am sure we are not the only ones snowed in.
School has been canceled today
and we are keeping warm at home,
at least for a while.
The kids will go sledding soon,
but I do not have to go,
I can see them from the window,
I should be able to keep on sewing!

Before the snow storm,
I was able to mail my Christmas goodies
to my family in Europe, they should make it on time.

A few weeks ago I saw at Noodlehead some real cool coasters.
I was totally inspired and I made some as a present.

I used linen, and some older wintery fabric,
a "vintage" Hoffman quilting fabric.
I made a tree skirt for my mom about 5-6 years ago with them.

I am a little uptight when it comes to patchwork,
I like accurate measurement and planning.
But for this easy project, I decided to stretch myself
and not measure anything,
well almost I just made sure that my squares were 4 1/2 at the end!

I quilted some random lines.
The good part of linen, besides the obvious?
If my mom gets tired of the front,
the plain back is just so interesting!

And with its little tray, I think it is a great gift!

Happy sewing!

PS time to shovel!


  1. And I can only dream of being snowed in and sewing all day. :)

  2. I saw Anna's and loved them, too, especially the little tray. I love the Christmas fabrics you used. These are beautiful!

  3. Beautiful fabric and such a clever little basket. I'm sure your mom will appreciate them a lot.
    Thank you for sharing at Holly Bloggy.


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