Friday, December 31, 2010


During my Sister's Christmas visit,
she put me to work!
After sewing some coasters
as Christmas presents!

Well what is a big sister to do
but to sew some more for her little sister?

She saw the pillows I made
a while back with pictures from The Graphics Fairy.

She liked them so much, that after looking through some pictures,
she found 2 pictures she really enjoyed,
and we went to work!

Because of a certain lack of time,
I simplified a few things and forwent the ribbon around the pictures.
As with the other pillows, I just printed the images on muslin
with freezer paper in the back.
I sewed a 2 inch black border all around,
and for the back I used the back and white cotton
that you see on the middle pillow,
which I also made!

It took just a couple hours to make these 3 pillows,
and my little sister was happy!
But her suitcase was very full!

Happy sewing!

The Graphics Fairy

Blogger's Pillow Party


  1. Hello, Love the pillows, that is what I want to do. Can these pillows be washed?

    Great pillows! Thanks!

  2. Great images and wonderful cushions.


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